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Brer Anancy Series by V.S. Russell

Unforgettable characters and irresistible phrases have made these books timeless favorites, especially with afro-caribbean and afro-latina readers.

Age Range: 4-12

Books in the Series

anansi story book  Brer Anancy easter egg hunt

Our Special Kids Activity Pack

anansi stories kids pack

Every culture has its own stories, its own characters, and its own fables. In the West Indies and Jamaica in particular, one such character who represents this art form is Brer Anancy. Brer Anancy takes on many different forms and personalities while passing on these lovable tales.  Brer Anancy stories are more than just entertainment.  These stories signifies the struggles and resilience of a people.Download our kids pack and we are sure you’ll find an Anancy story for your enjoyment.

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Includes: Anancy Stories, Coloring Pages, Cross-word Puzzles and more.


Performance times varies in 15, 30 or 45 minutes increments. 

  •  AnancyLive for Kids  -Exposes kids to the stories of the spider-god Anancy, as well as games and folk songs from Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.
  • Anancy’s Ashante for college students, adults and storytellers

Storytelling in Education?


Yes….”Since the human race began, people have told stories to each other, to pass on family lore, values and beliefs, common history and heritage, to teach factual and conceptual information, to entertain, and to form bonds of friendship. Storytelling helps students be active not only in presenting but also in focused listening and reacting, enhancing the vital skills of communication. In all academic areas, storytelling enlivens the delivery of curriculum, accelerates and enhances curriculum learning and engages learners. Storytelling helps students stretch and expand their thinking.”

                                                                                              -Youth, Educators and Storytellers Alliance  National Storytelling Network

Storytelling Workshops

Benefits of Storytelling:

  • Connections and understandings are formed about and between the past, present and future.
  • Understanding of and empathy toward  other races and cultures is increased.
  • Auditory processing, listening and visualization skills are supported and practiced.
  • Critical thinking and decision-making  skills are encouraged.
  • Memory is enhanced and Fear of public speaking is reduced.
  • Writing skills are strengthened.

Brer Anancy Kids Series

Non Fiction Series for young readers – Coming soon!

 Bre’r Anancy  “conveyed a simple message from one generation to the next:– that freedom and dignity are worth fighting for, at any odds.”  -Martha Warren Beckwith, 1924